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English — Homework

14.12.20 “Think 3” Student’s book p. 16,17

1) Retire — E
2) Travel the world — C
3) Start a career — G
5) Start a family — B
4) Get a degree — A
6) Settle down — F
7) Get promoted — D
8) Leave school — H

  1. Left school
  2. Traveling the world.
  3. Started a career
  4. Got a degree
  5. Got promoted
  6. Start a family
  7. Settled down
  8. Retire

You do a degree — positive — You finally finished your school and can find what you want to do.
Negative — You cannot see your classmates, schoolmates every day.

You start a career — positive — You can do the thing that you wanted to do in your life.
Negative — That’s hard to choose something one.

You start a family — positive — You have loving people that will love and care about you.
Negative — I think, there is no negative thing.

You get promoted — positive — You can be more important and be the leader, who will help people.
Negative — That will be a little bit hard to control everything.

You retire — positive — You may not work too hard.
Negative — Maybe your physical health will be worse.

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