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English — Classwork

Destination b1, Unit 4

  1. I’ve seen
  2. have had
  3. has not taken
  4. has been
  5. have you ridden
  6. has made
  7. have not decided
  8. Has Paul ever met.
  1. I’ve
  2. tided
  3. Have you lived
  4. went
  5. you’re visited
  6. Have not given
  7. Did you go
  8. Did you ever send
  1. The lesson has not started yet.
  2. The teacher has already written on the board.
  3. Joe and Tim have just come into the classroom.
  4. Tony has not finished getting his books ready.
  5. Christine has already opened the book.
  6. Dave has dropped his pen on the floor.
  7. He has not picked it up yet.

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