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English — Homework

07.12.20 Destination, Review 1 p.16,17

1) Collection
2) Singers
3) Children
4) player
5) musicians
6) collectors
7) entertainment
8) childhood

9. join in
10. turn
11. sent
12. eat
13. turn
14. gave
15. carried
16. take

17. is crazy about
18. was a sailor
19. feel like watching
20. took part
21. a game of tennis against
22. used to play
23. interested in
24. I had fun
25. is popular with
26. Is not keen on

27. was cleaning
28. used to train
29. liked
30. went
31. were practising
32. talks
33. didn’t use to
34. is woking.

35. I waited outside the tennis club for a long time, but George didn’t appear.
36. When you rang, I was in the middle of cleaning my football boots.
37. We finally got to the stadium just in time to see the match start.
38. I just play football for fun, and I don’t want to do it s a job.
39. I loved that film and when it comes out on DVD, I’ll definitely get it,
40. It’s great to appear on stage, with all the audience clapping.

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