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24.11.20 “Think 3” Student’s book p. 12, 13

Exercise number 1 page 12

In the first photo the boy is playing play station. I think If you do it only 1 hour a day, that’s not a bad habit, because you are just resting and doing something you like. But If you do it for many hours that’s a bad habit, because It hearts eyes and you don’t spend mush time with your family and friends.

In the second photo the boy is using his phone during the eating. That’s a bad habit. You need to talk with your family, find out how their day was and don’t use a phone.

In the third photo the girl runs in the mornings. Yeah, that’s a good habit, because your health is the most important thing and sport is great too.

And in the last photo some friends are discussing or doing their lessons and homework. That’s a good habit, because you are spending time with your friends. Also doing homework with friends is much more fun.

Exercise number 2 page 12

I’m often late. Not to school, but for example to a meeting with friends.
Also sometimes, when I do my homework I sleep, because I like to sleep.

Exercise number 4 page 12

She had bad habits. The writer could not do her business on time. She always left her important business for another day. The girl played games and forgot that the next day she had a very important test. She wanted to do everything on time and control her time, also don’t waste her time and control her life better.

Exercise number 6 page 14

  1. No, because she finished it in time. She was writing it on 11pm and she needed to give that article to her teacher tomorrow. Also she said these words in the end ”Look – I’ve finished my article on time! Anything is possible!
  2. She said that she was doing more exercises, started going to the gym, she has taken up karate lessons, she has changed her diet. She has even been going to bed earlier. But the writer is not feeling any fitter, just a little unhappier, because she missed her bad habits.

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