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English — Homework

30.11.20 Destination B1 Unit 11 (Passive 2), ex. A-E

  1. The carnival lorry is being driven by a clown.
  2. The lorry has been decorated with lots of flowers.
  3. The gorilla has been given a banana by the pirate.
  4. Everyone watching is going to be given a balloon by the astronaut.
  5. The best song might be sung by the cowboy.
  6. Have the costumes been bought from a fancy-dress shop?
  1. — D
  2. — F
  3. — A
  4. — B
  5. — C
  6. — E
  1. Blown
  2. haven’t
  3. being
  4. has
  5. be
  6. awarded
  7. Has
  8. by
  1. by
  2. with
  3. by
  4. by
  5. with
  6. with
  7. by
  1. has been taken by
  2. should be cooked
  3. is being shown
  4. hadn’t been invented
  5. was being done by
  6. were being washed with
  1. No, the housework is done by all of them.
  2. The food is cooked by Lisa’s dad.
  3. Lisa’s dad is going to be helped by Lisa.
  4. Until about a year ago, the shopping was done by Lisa’s mum.
  5. Since then, most of the shopping has been done by Lisa.
  6. No, it is taken with online shopping.
  7. It is cleaned nearly every day.
  8. It might be cleaned by Lisa’s brother, Andy.
  9. The floors are swept with a really old brush.
  10. Lisa thinks a vacuum cleaner should be used by Angelina.

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